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Animal: Dog Gender: female Disorder: Eyes tearing Product: Forza10 Ophthalmic Active

"Ever since my puppy, toy poodle Cocoa became part of our family, I noticed that her eyes were continuously tearing. At first it started as just a little bit, then it became really heavy and as the tears dried they would crust up in the area around her eyes. It looked terrible, and I’m sure it wasn’t too comfortable for her either.

I was told by my vet, that some breeds of dogs just teared more than others, that it was normal, and that I would have to put some medicinal drops in her eyes to try to alleviate the tearing.

I came across the Forza10USA site via a friend of a friend, who recommended I try the Forza10 Ophthalmic Active on our Cocoa. I decided to try the food, and hoped for the best, but didn’t expect any great change.

After only a week of Coco eating the new food, we began noticing that the tearing had gone down at least 50%, and that she had become a little calmer too. After two weeks of the product, the tearing came down to about 75%. Cocoa will occasionally tear only in morning, which is nothing compared to how bad it was the last several months. Cocoa has become much more calm and an overall very happy puppy. We never thought that her jittery/hyper personality had anything to do with nutrition, so her new personality was an added bonus.

Thank you Forza10!"

Carolyn S.