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My name is Irina Bikova, and I am a breeder.

I have 17 dogs in my kennel “Scottish Troll”, all aged from 3 months old to 14 years old. There are 10 Scottish Terriers, 6 Bishon Frise and 1 Norwich Terrier.

My main thought is the health of my dogs. And to achieve this aim the food must be of the highest quality.

In the current modern and complex ecological situation, it is very difficult to find a balanced diet that could help neutralizing the damaging effects of the environment of modern cities. What my Scottish Terriers like to eat, the Bichon Frises can’t stand. And what Bichon Frises like — my Terriers don’t. Also, I have both puppies and older dogs, with different nutritional needs.

The perfect solution would be homemade individual diets: I did it for many years for my dogs. But I have to admit that it is very difficult.

Recently I saw a new food for dogs: Forza10, made in Italy. I usually follow all the news, and of course, I studied the description and reviews of foreign consumers about this food. Let me confess that I do not trust advertising, but the presence of tuna in the diet has prompted me to buy a small bag of Forza10 and give it to my dogs.

The tuna meat is a unique product. First of all, it contains a huge amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are very important for dogs with abundant and voluminous coats. Secondly, tuna is a source of protein that is very similar to beef proteins. Tuna also has special hypoallergenic properties, that help to reduce redness of the eyes, itching, rash, hair loss and other problems caused by an unhealthy environment. In addition, Forza10 contains the necessary amount of all nutrients…. (Add only 3-4 ingredients, not more (!). For example, cereals, vegetables, seaweed, etc.) and other ingredients necessary for the dog.

The first results were surprising. The Scottish Terrier, Norwich and even capricious Bishon ate Forza10 with pleasure, even though they don’t like seafood diet. I also noticed other positive characteristics of Forza10.

In a short time I noticed that the lacrimal excretion and its traces – that my Bichon Frise has always had – had disappeared. And it is certainly a proof that the founders of this pet food have studied very well the balance between vitamins and minerals. Another positive sign is the quality of their coats, which has significantly improved. The hair has become more voluminous, more full-bodied, and shiny. I also noticed the change of mood in my dogs, they became full of life and started to play more than before. And also my old Bichon (14 years old) became more active and invited younger dogs – puppies of barely 3 months old – to play.

Another very important characteristic of the pet food is the quality (though not very aesthetic but very important) and the state of faeces. Almost immediately after feeding with Forza10, I noticed that the quantity of faeces has decreased, and the dogs gained in weight. The colour of the faeces became darker and the texture more solid. This means that the dogs’ bodies metabolize the ingredients very well, that also indicates a good balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals.

Am I happy with my choice? Of course, I am! Forza10 has improved the quality of my dogs’ life. Now I no longer need to select a diet for each of my dogs. And it became much easier to manage the dog’s hair, and the frequency of visits to the veterinarian has significantly decreased. But the most important thing is that my dogs are well fed, healthy and happy. Forza10 is the right choice!