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Healthy and shiny hair!!!

We are very happy that Forza10 Adult Mini 26/14 has arrived in Kazakhstan!

Trying a new pet food is always a risk, as you can never know how your dog will react.

My dogs have been eating another brand’s pet food for a long time, but lately I noticed that the dogs’ ears began to itch ! The veterinarian did several tests and determined they have a food allergy: he then told us to change our kibbles. So we started with Forza10 Adult Mini 26/14! We switched to the new food very fast, only in three days instead of the usual 6-7. After a week I noticed that my dogs’ eyes were tearing no more! It’s very important not to have the tear strips, especially for show dogs. And then, they have stopped scratching their ears! We continued the topic treatment of the ears because our vet said that a cure of this allergy wouldn’t be easy.

It has already been a month since my dogs started eating Forza10 adult mini.