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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Intestinal Support Diet Dry Dog Food
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Intestinal Active: Finally, After Almost One Year My Boxer Is Healthy

July 2012 we brought home an adorable little Boxer girl to become a part of our family. She weighed 13lbs and was infested with fleas she had never been inside and had never been given a bath.

imagePet: Dog Gender: Female Age: 1 Year Disorders: Bowel irregularity Product Used: DOG - Dry - INTESTINAL active

Your Story: July 2012 we brought home an adorable little Boxer girl to become a part of our family. She weighed 13lbs and was infested with fleas she had never been inside and had never been given a bath. We also noticed that her belly was the most swollen puppy belly we had ever seen so we knew she had a bad case of worms. The next day first thing she went to the vet and so our Chloe's story begins. Just as we guessed she had worms the vet actually said after her fecal sample "this is the worst case of worms I have ever seen". It was so bad that her heart was in danger due to being anemic the worms were just draining her of blood and any nutrition she was getting. So after an ultrasound on her heart to make sure it was not anything life threatening a few shots and some puppy parent education we left excited. I knew the next couple of weeks would be tiring and fun as with any new pet are but what I did not for see was what the next six/eight months was going to be like. I kept telling myself once we get rid of the worms and get her off the antibiotics her eating will pick up and she will have more energy and also her stool will become more formed and we can get her on a better schedule. After two months it appeared I was right and my precious Chloe was well on her way to a happy healthy life I was relieved she was playing and seemed like all the bad stuff was in the past... But then I started to notice she would lay around and not do anything I tried to play with her but she just looked at me with her sad eyes and turned her head. The vet told me to feed her twice a day and only leave her food out for 30 minutes. I would put food in her dish and she would smell it but just look up at me the same cup of food would sit in her dish for two days. I tried hand feeding her but still nothing. After numerous trips to the vet to get more medicine and IV fluids. Changing her food from Science Diet, Iams, Blue and two different prescription diets I had no clue what to do. It wasn't just her digestive tract that was a problem she would scratch her face, under her arm pits and bite at her feet non stop she would be bleeding and still scratching herself. I didn't think it could get any worse she was miserable and I was at a loss but just when I thought this poor dog can't take one more thing...... New Years Eve happened she started bleeding from her rectum. From 8pm to 9am the following morning she had had 28 bowel movements every one was bloody and had a lot of mucas in it. I was out of town for the holidays and there was not an emergency animal hospital within two hours so I loaded her up and went to the vets office that was open on New Years Day. Once again IV fluids meds for nausea and another recommendation for a different prescription food. This vet told me your dog has a severe case of Colitis. So we left with more prescription food, meds for nausea, pain and also the skin itching as well as three different antibiotics. The new food was Royal Canin and I thought after about a week she seems better but not for long... We were back at vet worse than ever. That is when we started with steroid injections for the constant skin issues, I was cooking all her meals which was lamb, lean hamburger, chicken and rice as well as two antibiotics daily. We did this for about a month of course I was always researching her condition and talking to other dog owners to see if they had any ideas. I would always fill her dog walker in on her progress or lack of and she to researched what could be causing her to be so sick. One day her dog walker, Janet told me she was going to a convention of dog vendors and that she knew there would be all natural organic dog food companies there and she would make sure to look for things that may help Chloe. I was excited but that convention was a month and a half away so I just kept on doing the best I could to make her comfortable. She was not eating well and had lost so much weight her skin and ears were a constant source of stress for her. Janet dropped Chloe off the day before she left to go to the pet convention and we both said we have to find her something or she isn't going to make it much longer. At that point I did not even put any hope into her finding anything because I had done so many things and nothing helped. I knew when Janet emailed me that she thought she had found something. She was excited and said I really think I found the answer. She brought us two bags of food the day she came back and told me that she really thinks this food will help. She gave me two bags of Forza1 active line intestinal protection diet. She told me what the rep had told her about the food. So the following morning I put the Forza food in her dish. She walked up to it smelled it and at that moment she did something I had NEVER seen her do she did not look away or at me she actually started eating!!! I was in tears this was the FIRST time she had EVER eaten food the instant it was put in her dish I did not even have to hand feed her to get her started eating. I wish I could explain the joy I got from seeing her eat without it being in her dish for hours. Not only did she eat it she finished the ENTIRE bowl I had put out. I had NEVER seen her eat everything in her dish. Needless to say it was worth it to me giving her this food just to see her eat! Of course after she finished I was thinking that was to easy I am sure she will get sick. However, she didn't!!! That whole day I was keeping a close eye on her but she was good. After three days of feeding her Forza this is what we saw: her stool was more formed than ever and instead of having a bowel movement six to eight times a day she was down to three. Her skin irritation had improved to the point that she no longer required Benadryl to sleep the skin in her armpit area was starting to scab over and heal. She had lost almost all the hair off of her ears due to scratching and she had totally stopped scratching her ears. After five days I noticed she was more playful and was not sleeping nearly as much as she had previously. So I thought obviously she is responding to something in this food and I stopped giving her all her prescription medications. I was nervous because I thought her body is so use to having the meds to help I was afraid that she might relapse but I had to try. After one week my Chloe was a different dog. We are now five weeks into the Forza intestinal protection diet and it has been nothing less than a miracle for her. She has gained 12lbs. She is off ALL prescription medication (except flea/heart worm preventative monthly). No more bloody mucas stools and she is finally on a very regular schedule only going to bathroom three times each day. She does not need steroid injections for her skin itching because she no longer digs at her skin. The hair on her ears is almost fully grown back and the dandruff that she use to have is also almost totally gone. I am sorry this testimonial is so long but I just wanted to make sure that you understand how hard this past year has been on her. She is so happy now she plays non stop and just gets to be a puppy! Forza saved my dogs life I have no doubt I will never feed her or any animal I may have in the future anything else. Thank you all at Forza for the dedication you have for putting the health and well being of dogs at the top of your priority list. I attached a before picture that was all the medication she was taking prior to being feed Forza.

Jordan H