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The World Dog Show 2021 in Brno has just ended; during the exhibition, Forza10 welcomed many specialist’ breeders and dog owners at its stand.

Forza10 is proud for being the super-premium pet food company selected by the renowned Russian Breeder Ms. Elena Pykhtar for the nutrition of her award winner Bedlington Terrier called ‘Matvey’ who was coronated “Best in Show Winner” in Brno.

The Best in Show title was received at the end of four days of intense competition with over 12,000 dog participants.

Forza10 is and will always be the best partner for professional breeders and pet enthusiasts seeking superior pet food nutrition.

Forza10 mission is to provide the healthiest possible pet nutrition, achievable only by using uncontaminated ingredients, fresh fish, and selected free-range meats from non-intensive farms and with the addition of precious botanicals extracts.

Forza10 is looking forward to meeting all its affectionate breeders and their dogs at the upcoming European Dog Show which will take place in Budapest between the 28th and 31st December 2021.

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