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German shepherd skin problems - The role of nutrition

The German Shepherd is the most widespread and famous breed worldwide. Its original name in German is "Deutsche Schäferhund" (Schäfer = shepherd, Hund = dog), but ...

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an elegant medium-sized dog. Its perfect stature offers this breed an excellent boost in movement. It has a great musculature and very good bearings.

The German Shepherd is the most widespread and famous breed worldwide. Its original name in German is "Deutsche Schäferhund" (Schäfer = shepherd, Hund = dog), but many of the unintended call it the "Wolf Dog" for its general similarities to the Wolf.

German Shepherd skin issues - Causes

Beyond those forms which have always existed, currently the most frequent cause of German Shepherd skin issues is an intolerance to one or more foods. Food intolerances, a constantly increasing pathology within both veterinary and human medicine, cause the organism to respond through inflammation phenomena at the most sensitive part (the target organ).

The inflammation of the target organ is often the only visible manifestation of a food intolerance issue. If this intolerance towards one or more foods targets the skin as its organ, the only valid solution to treat the consequent dermatitis and prevent relapses is changing the food. In fact, even a single intake of a food that the body recognizes as toxic will cause an inflammatory process lasting a few days (on average four or five).

If this food continues to be part of nutrition, the inflammatory process will inevitably become chronic.

German Shepherd dermatitis on the back

It is commonly accepted that pruritic dermatitis on back is due to flea allergy. And there being no trace of this matters little as this objection is answered by defining that one flea is enough and that it can hide anywhere, escaping even the most meticulous searches. Not even the lack of their feces, small black balls that are located on the skin at the base of the fur and which systematically accompany the presence of this annoying parasite, leads to at least the suspicion that something is not quite right. Furthermore, modern pesticides have the power of an atomic bomb on a city, they exterminate everything leaving no escape, and this should lead us to asking further questions. What, then, is the truth?

Itchy lower back dermatitis, erroneously almost constantly associated with flea allergy, is nearly always due, like dozens of other inflammatory pathologies, to a severe reaction to toxic oxytetracycline residues contained in meat meal deriving from intensive breeding. Many products based on chicken end up containing this toxic which, depending on individual sensitivity levels, also causes this particular form of itchy dermatitis. The proof is simple: fleas or no fleas, the vast majority of symptoms, and especially itching, disappear within a few days with a diet devoid of any ingredients containing oxytetracycline; in fact, it’s more than likely that the flea simply reproduces and thrives in the environment created by the favorable conditions given by inflammation, triggering a vicious circle which quite simply aggravates the overall picture. Antiparasitic or not, this type of dermatitis continues to be common.

Legend Skin: Dog food for German shepherd skin problems

The solution is therefore to change the food. LEGEND SKIN Maintenance Evolution is the best dog food for skin allergies, a complete and balanced food formulated for adult dogs with skin sensitivities.



LEGEND SKIN is a natural and functional diet using clean ingredients from biologically pristine sources combined with the proven power of plant extracts of Rose Hips, Cranberry and Sage, selected for their benefits to the skin and coat. Symptoms include: hot spots, tear stains, foul odors, scratching of the neck and lower back, dry and dull fur, dandruff, constant fur loss, excessive paw licking and localized redness.

This grain free wild-caught anchovy meal, created by the FORZA10 R&D Department, combines the most advanced pet nutrition know-how with the nutritional profile of the canine ancestral diet.

Thanks to its incomparable digestibility and nutritional value, LEGEND SKIN can be fed immediately, without any transition time! This is why Legend Skin is the best food for German Shepherds.

Dogs such as German Shepherds and French Bulldogs – the latter often affected by dermatitis due to the many skin wrinkles in the neck area - will rapidly and significantly benefit from such a change in diet. Should there be no sign of improvement in the first week, however, this could be an indication that some other origin should be investigated.

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