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Dog hair shedding

Dermatitis, skin irritation, skin inflammation, balding and hot spots are quite common in dogs. Although every dog scratches on occasion ...

Dog hair shedding: Causes

Dermatitis, skin irritation, skin inflammation, balding and hot spots are quite common in dogs. Although every dog scratches on occasion, pet owners should understand the difference between occasional scratching and incessant licking, scratching, biting and chewing that leads to open wounds and hair loss. When it comes to Dog Itching Remedies or the resultant need for dog skin irritation remedies, the source must first be identified. Excessive itching, which is known by the medical term pruritus, can be caused by conditions of the skin itself such as oils, dryness and infections, or something more problematic from a health perspective such as allergies. Assuming that highly common problems such as ticks and fleas have been eliminated, the source of the itching and skin irritation can quite possibly be from dog food allergy or intolerance. Before the correct dog skin irritation remedies or necessary dog itching remedies can be identified, the source of the problem must first be correctly identified in order to treat the problem rather than the symptom. Many of today’s processed dog foods contain protein sources with high doses of antibiotics, which can lead to food allergies and intolerance for many dogs. These toxic residues are the remnants of the antibiotics that are used on heavily farmed animals such as cows, pigs and other domestic livestock to reduce the likelihood of disease among the animals. Once the beef and pork from these heavily farmed animals is utilized in commercial dog foods, their ingestion leads to the buildup of these toxins in the dog over time. This triggers an inflammation response as the body tries to rid itself of the toxins. The consequences of intoxications by chemical or pharmaceutical residue in most commercial pet foods in addition to low intake of Omega3 has led to the manifestation of acute inflammations, which is an ever-growing problem. Before any dog itching remedies can be identified, pet owners should work with a qualified veterinarian to implement an elimination diet to be sure that the source of the itching and irritation is due to the food. When and if the source is identified as the regular dog food, this means changing the dog’s diet to a pet food that is free of the toxins. The next phase is implementation of the dog itching remedies to actually eliminate the toxins in order to heal and restore good health. This means that ideally, the dog food itself must also provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, preferably plant-based for a nutraceutic, holistic approach to good health.

Dog hair shedding: Treatments

FORZA10 Dermo Active has been specially formulated to be one of the most effective dog itching remedies as well as dog skin irritation remedies for pets suffering from food hypersensitivity. In addition to utilizing high quality, single-protein sources such as ocean fish free of any toxins, FORZA10 Dermo Active also contains natural vegetable extracts and easily digested and hypoallergenic components. Dermo Active stops the intake of the toxic substances most likely to trigger defensive reactions involving forms of inflammation resulting in symptoms such as dermatitis, redness, hot spots, itch, dandruff, pyoderma, foul skin odor, dry coat and wounds. Multicentric-Analyses were conducted in collaboration with leading veterinary surgeons to study the efficacy of FORZA10 Dermo Active as the primary source of dog skin irritation remedies as well as its effectiveness on dogs with these conditions. The results clearly demonstrated that Dermo Active is a highly effective source of dog itching remedies as it eliminated all symptoms in nearly 80 percent of test subjects within 20 days and drastically reduced the most severe cases shortly after the 20 day period. Download the results of the Forza10 Active Dermo Dog Multicentric Analysis.

Complete dietetic food for dogs with skin problems

Dermo Active holistic diet is formulated by veterinarians to help and maintain the health of the skin and to support the body’s natural healing process.

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